Guardian Alamayiani Ole Saitoti, learns how to use radio telemetry to track lions in his zone within the Amboseli ecosystem, in Kenya.
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Sponsor A Guardian - Alamayiani
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Dr. Hazzah & Dr. Dolrenry
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Lion Guardians

At Lion Guardians, we believe the fate of the lion lies in the hands of the people that live with them. By empowering warriors who were once lion killers and working closely with communities, Lion Guardians proactively minimizes conflict and enables coexistence. One such warrior is Alamayiani Ole Saitoti, who became a Guardian in early 2014. You can help to conserve lions and preserve cultures by helping us to raise funds for his salary. He uses his monthly wages to buy food for his family, pay school fees for his children, and pay medical bills. Your support is helping to save lions and provide benefits to Alamayiani, his family and his community.

It takes a community to conserve lions and preserve cultures – join ours today by helping to sponsor Alamayiani.

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